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Czech teen Abigaile Johnson fucks her father with no regrets

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This is the sexual adventure that a father and his daughter lived. At first it was just games and flirting. The girl Abigaile Johnson begins by partying that night while her father stayed at home. However, when she returned she fell asleep a little drunk, and it was the moment when her father took the opportunity to go see her. She regretted doing it, but she uncovered her ass and after removing her underwear she could see her wet teen pussy. However, remorse caused him to leave the room.

However the girl was not stupid, so another day while the father was in her bed was when she appeared. The games and so on went a long way when the opportunity to have oral sex arose, she did, she ate her father’s cock. They wanted him to be alone there to break the sexual tension, but when the mature man ran into the girl’s mouth she felt bad. So bad that he almost vomited, not because of the semen itself, but because his father had ejaculated in his mouth and he didn’t like that.